Covid-19 Bathing Rules

(as of september 2020)

1. Persons with attested infection by the corona virus are not allowed to enter the sports centre. The same applies to persons with suspicion signs like cough, sneeze or fever.

2. The general rules of hygiene (no shaking hands, washing hands with soap and water several times a day) and a cough-sneezing label (coughing in handkerchief or crook of the arm, etc.) must be followed.

3. Crowds of people should be avoided, especially when entering and leaving the bath. Pictograms, instructions, guidance systems, floor markings, instructions of the staff, etc. are to be observed and followed.

4. A disinfection station is located at the main entrance. Disinfect hands before entering the cloakrooms! Shower and wash thoroughly with soap/shower gel before entering the water. Maximum number of persons allowed in the shower: 2 persons.

5. Entrance to the facility on the 2nd floor is only allowed with a MNS mask. This must be worn in the cloakroom, the cloakroom corridor and the toilets. A MNS mask on the third floor (indoor swimming pool and diving tower) is not necessary.

6. Children up to 6 years of age are excluded from the MNS carrying requirement. Persons who cannot be expected to wear a MNS mask for medical reasons must present a medical certificate regarding the exemption. A medical certificate confirming that the person concerned is not acutely infected with the coronavirus must also be presented.

7. Children and minors (under 14 years of age) may only be admitted if accompanied by an adult who is subject to supervision. The personal responsibility as well as the responsibilities of adults towards children subject to supervision must be observed without restrictions on the IndoorDiveCenter area.

8. DISTANCE, therefore a minimum distance of 1 meter between persons not living in the same household applies in the IndoorDiveCenter premises.

9. The maximum number of persons allowed in the ladies‘ cloakroom is 5 persons, in the men‘s cloakroom 4 persons and in the toilets 2 persons each (follow the signs). Pay attention to the signs and the floor markings.

10. In the swimming pool and in the diving tower there is a minimum distance of 2 metres compared to those not living in the same household. This has to be self-observed by bathers (except for short periods of time when they fall short).

11. In addition, the distance of one meter can be undercut by the instructors in exceptional cases if this is necessary for safety reasons. Wearing a MNS mask is recommended.

12. Close encounters must be avoided on the pool perimeter and the entire length can be used for evasion.

13. The entry and exit of the pool should be done quickly. You are not allowed to stay there and block the way for other customers.

14. When using sport or diving equipment by several athletes must ensure that all those involved in the sport are informed in advance and wash or disinfect your hands afterwards. Washing hands is preferable to disinfecting.

15. The indoor pool or diving tower must be left immediately after swimming and crowds of people should be avoided.

16. In the event of non-compliance with these measures, the operator of the sports facility and authorised personnel may order these persons to leave the facility and forbid them to enter again.

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